The best way to discover the Zimbabwean culture is to explore the many creative experiences in Victoria Falls. The beauty of Zimbabwe is expressed through their arts and culture.


Stone Dynamics Gallery

Victoria Falls is home to the world-renowned, highly acclaimed stone sculptures of Zimbabwe. Each artwork is masterfully crafted to tell a story inspired by the artist’s life.

Craftsmen use locally sourced materials to hand-craft bespoke designs and statement centerpieces.

Visit the following permanent displays in Victoria Falls to see some of the sculptures:

  • The Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
  • Bayete Guest Lodge
  • Sprayview Hotel

They can even arrange to have your precious purchase shipped anywhere in the world. The Stone Gallery website tells you more about the company and artists. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Elephant Art Safari

Wild Horizons offer several creative experiences where art and nature combine. One such activity is an Art Safari in the Elephant Sanctuary, where you can observe these beautiful animals and capture them on canvas.

With the Masuwe River as a backdrop, this is more than just a painting workshop. You will also learn about these gorgeous giants and speak to the handlers who care for them. As per Wild Horizons’ commitment to environmental protection, you can rest assured that the workshop is run in alignment with eco-conscious principles.
For more information head to the Wild Horizons website and read more about the Elephant Art Safari

Shopping for Crafts in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a haven for arts and crafts produced by local artists. A word of caution though, make sure you buy wood curios from a reputable vendor. Some souvenirs are not ethically sourced, adding to the problem of deforestation. Always shop responsibly and ensure you buy authentic products in support of local communities. When in doubt, ask around and find out where the best places are to shop to find the real deal.

Elephants Walk Shopping and Artist’s Village

This is a delightful little upmarket center that has several small shops selling various local crafts and souvenirs. You can meet and interact with the craftspeople and while prices may be high, you will find that the items are unique and of a high quality. Outside the center are two open-air markets where you can buy cheaper more mainstream curios, depending on what you are looking for.

If you need a break from shopping, there is a shaded area to sit and places to eat while local musicians entertain you during the busier times.

Interesting to know that the Elephants Walk won an award in recognition of Community Empowerment and Social Impact so you know that your shopping is going towards a good cause.

Head over to the beautiful Elephants Walk website to find out more.

The Orange Elephant

The Orange Elephant is a premier gift shop, found at 258 Adam Stander Road. This gift shop also sources quality items and by the sounds of it, prices are more competitive than at Elephant Walk, but I haven’t investigated this myself. If you are looking for local curios, then I suggest a visit to browse all the beautiful items they have on display. You will find them on Facebook but unfortunately, there is no website.

Shopping Tour

If you are feeling overwhelmed and have heard that some street vendors can be quite assertive, you may prefer to go on an organized shopping tour. Wild Horizons can help you out. Being local, they know all the best places to go.

You can find out more at Wild Horizons Shopping Tour

Zambezi Joy Society

Royal Chundu, an award-winning Relais and Chateaux luxury lodge in Zambia promotes and supports their local community with an online shop called the Zambezi Joy Society. Here you will find beautifully created home ware and clothing made from Chitenge Cloths.

Royal Chundu is instrumental in empowering the women of the surrounding communities to set up and grow their businesses. As a result, they have a thriving shop which has helped alleviate poverty for many people in the local villages.

Art of Africa

Art of Africa offer a number of unique artist experiences that combine learning a craft while enjoying the beauty of the Vic Falls region.

Guided Art Safari

Guided Safaris take you through the wilderness and along the river to quiet spots where you can practice your creativity. Enquire about the breakfast cruise workshop and get to paint at a chosen spot on the river. There are also other options such as the Cultural Village workshop, Elephant wallow workshop, Sunset over the gorge, and Forest workshop. Speak to one of the friendly operators to find out what is available.

Art and Cultural Tour

These are some of the creative experiences offered by Art of Africa. For more inspiration visit the Gallery to see what else they offer. They also have an interesting development project that expands skills training into the local communities.

Ndlovu Theatre, Victoria Falls Village

The Ndlovu Theatre, Elephants Walk, in the center of Vic Falls, showcase vibrant and colorful performances typical of the Zimbabwean culture. The shows are captivating and well worth a visit while you are there. It is advisable to book well in advance as performances often sell out ahead of time.

Planning Your Trip to Victoria Falls

Many activities are popular and therefor book up quickly. Check the Victoria Falls Guide when planning your trip to find out what is on offer and be sure to secure your place to avoid disappointment. Some things you just don’t want to miss.

For my suggestions on where to stay in and around Victoria Falls, follow the link to 16 Best Places to Stay in Vic Falls

This post will guide you on where to sample the best culinary experiences around Victoria Falls.

All that remains is to choose a date!

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